Every year, thousands of families want to emigrate to the United States on an E2 Investor Visa. There are many countries that have a Trade and Navigation Agreement with the United States.

This Agreement allows the investor and his family to be admitted to the United States when they invest a substantial amount of capital in a US company.


During the 2019 fiscal year, between 25,000 and 30,000 E2 visas have been approved.


What do you need to obtain an E2 Investor Visa?

To qualify for an E2 Investor Visa, businesses can be created from scratch, buy an existing business or acquire a franchise.


The business must be real and legal to qualify for this E2 visa and must meet the following requirements:

1) Capital must be substantial to the industry. There is no minimum capital to invest.

2) There must be an economic risk for the investor.

3) Job creation or that it generates more than enough income to support the investor’s family.

Here are some examples of different businesses that have been approved in recent years:


  • Locksmiths
  • Cafeterias
  • Bars
  • Car dealers
  • Construction and its derivatives (laying of floors, repairs, painting, and others)
  • Home and garden decoration
  • Creation of Schools, such as nursery schools or academics (dance, piano, etc.)
  • Property Management
  • Hotels and Inns
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Pet Services (Training and Grooming)
  • Restaurants
  • Beauty salons (hairdresser, spa, manicure, and pedicure)
  • Cleaning service for homes and offices.
  • Garden care, tree trimming and pool maintenance.
  • Clothing, food, furniture, events, stores
  • School transportation
  • Franchises

visa E2 de inversionista

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Did you know…

In 2019, the investors who have invested the most in the United States have been from Mexico, Spain and Colombia.

People who want to qualify for this E2 visa, but whose country of origin does not have a Treaty with the United States, can do so only in the case of having dual citizenship. This way, their second citizenship could allow them to access this Investor visa.

If you want more information about the E2 investor visa, do not hesitate to contact our Immigration office to coordinate an appointment in person, by phone or by video call.

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