Do you have to enroll your children in school, but they don’t speak English?

Many families who choose to emigrate to the United States contact our Immigration office in Miami to carry out the immigration process and obtain a visa that allows them to live and work legally. And in most cases, families are concerned about the education of their children who don’t speak English.


How can you help your children with the language?

Will they be able to enter school and do it in another language?
All of us with children care about their future, and we want their adaptation to be easier and more pleasant than ours. That’s why we wrote this article, to tell you about schools and give you some advice.




Schools in the United States are required by law to accept and admit students regardless of their immigration status or native language.

For many children, learning the language is a complex challenge, but the younger they start school, the easier it will be for them to acquire the language. Remember that children learn faster than adults and will quickly adapt to changes

Some schools offer different educational programs, such as taking some classes in their native language and other classes in English, therefore the children can gradually adapt. Meanwhile, in other schools, the classes are only in English, and, with this, they make sure that children acquire the language faster.

The more interaction the children have with their environment, the faster they will adapt to the language and will unravel in their environment. In Florida, there are many children who are fluent in Spanish, and as a result accompany their new classmates, who do not speak English, so that they can acquire the language more easily.

Most schools offer different extracurricular activities where children can continue to learn and interact with other children and teachers. These classes can be art, sports, recreational, among others.

Useful tips when emigrating to the United States

Here are some tips that can help your children, and you as parents, to become more familiar with the English language:

1. Watch television in English. In this way, they can acquire new vocabulary and practice intonation repeating words or phrases.

2. Adding the English subtitles. At the same time, the audio can help you develop another sense. In this way, you listen and read in English.

3. Watch educational videos on YouTube. Nowadays, kids love to watch different educational videos or just watch videos to have a fun time. Take advantage of that moment to watch videos related to the different subjects you have at school or listen to songs. They will acquire more vocabulary and begin to fix words.

4. Help them with homework to support their learning. When you get home from school, ask your children what they have learned. This way, you can also see if your child understands what he has to do, and you will see that little by little he will show a fast learning ability.

5. Participate in activities on free days. Go to clubs, parks, or places where you can meet people. In this way, they can immerse themselves in the new culture and within the community.

6. Maintain a good and fluid relationship with your children’s teachers. This way, you will be able to understand what is happening inside the school, know how they are adapting and advancing in the language, in the community, and in the academic world.


More Tips!

Here we also share some links to search scholarships:


  •  Largest databases of scholarships online and a speedy scholarship matching tool.
  • provides scholarships and support services to as many exceptional Hispanic American students as possible.

If you want to know how the Educational System works in the United States, you can go to our Blog and find an article that specifically talks about that topic. Here you have the Link!

In conclusion, now you know that you can Emigrate to the United States even if your kids do not speak English yet!

I hope you liked this information and it was valuable.

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