Are you looking for a place to eat in a vegetarian, healthy, and delightful way, but you don’t know where to go?
Throughout this article, we offer you information about the best vegetarian restaurants in Miami for you to visit with your family and friends. The list of the best places could be endless because Miami offers a wide variety of gastronomic options and high quality. However, we will show you those that meet all the qualities of flavor, service, location, price, and class.
Let’s start with our most recommended!

1) Live Love Café


Ranked # 1 among Miami’s best vegetarian restaurants, we have the Live Love Café restaurant. This renowned coffee offers 100% meals made with plant-based products and free of animal suffering. On its menu, you can find a wide variety of meals that provide a combination of exotic, fresh, and Latin American flavors. They stand out for presenting excellent breakfasts, organic bowls, salads, hamburgers, and pizzas in an Italian style. Additionally, they have two locations; one is in Miami Beach and the other in Wynwood.


2) Full Bloom



Secondly, we have Full Bloom, a restaurant where 100% of its products used are vegan and do not contain GMOs. It is located in Belle Isle, within Costa Brava Condos, precisely on the seashore. Within its contemporary and modern lunchroom, it offers brunches and dinners inspired by the Latin American culture. In addition to its luxurious ceviches and traditional burgers, Full Bloom is designed in a way that you can enjoy the view of the sea and the Miami breeze.


3) Pura Vida Miami



In the top 3 vegetarian restaurants, we find Pura Vida Miami. It is an excellent option to enjoy a gourmet but healthy lunch or dinner. Pura Vida Miami offers super colorful dishes full of fruits and vegetables that complement each other more than perfect. It is characterized by its Acai bowls, wraps, and sandwiches based on green leaves and delicate pastry to complement smoothies. You can enjoy the meals with the beautiful weather that the city offers to its visitors. These restaurants are located on West Avenue Miami Beach, West Palm Beach, South of Fifth, Design District, and Edgewater.


4) Planta South Beach



In South place, we find Planta South Beach, a restaurant based on gastronomic sustainability that proclaims culinary culture without the need for animal protein. Each of its dishes contains high quality and diverse products. The best dishes are sushi, poke bowl, tofu wok, and dumplings. Above all, its menu has a section for brunch, enabling the option of snacking with family and friends in the morning or afternoon. Its restaurants are located in Coconut Grove and South Beach, allowing the customers to enjoy the most wonderful city with flavors from the entire world.


5) Manna Life Food



Since 2016, Manna Life Food offers its customers fully prepared dishes with ingredients based on vegetables, fruits, and legumes. The dishes are gluten-free, artificial flavors, additives, or refined sugar. Compared to other restaurants, Manna Food Life has an arepas-based menu with various combinations such as ceviches, burritos, gluten-free and guilt-free pastry, slush fruit bowls, and protein smoothies. You can find it in Miami Beach through all social networks.


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6) Holy Vegan Kitchen



Holy Vegan Kitchen not only prepares food but also puts all the love in its meals. They demonstrate that it is possible to eat vegetarian and healthy but flavorful. Its menu provides low-calorie breakfasts, pastries with different sauces, sandwiches, and bowls with fillers of your choice. If you also want to eat something sweet, you can find smoothies, natural juices, and all kinds of coffees. Its restaurants are located in Mimo District and North Miami Beach, which is a perfect location for those who come to visit Miami.

Miami is an incomparable city that, through its restaurants, cafes, and clubs, demonstrates the diversity of cultures and traditions from all over the world in each of the avenues. As an effect of being characterized as a modern and innovative city, there are numerous options of vegetarian restaurants and there is a citizen’s responsibility to create a more sustainable city. In this article, we presented the most recommended and high-quality restaurants with free animal menus and a positive vision of sustainability.
Hopefully, the information has been helpful, and we thank you for visiting our page!

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