It is important that you know everything about the SAT ACT and TOEFL tests so that you can apply as a student in the United States.
To be admitted correctly, those will be the exams that you will need to take.
If you have not applied yet, but it is part of your plan, keep reading and find out how you can go ahead of the process!


University applications in the United States require extensive procedures and certificates. Some of them include letters of recommendation, validation of academic documents, demonstration of financial solvency, and previous qualifications. However, college acceptance is based primarily on SAT, ACT, and TOEFL test scores.


If you are wondering what the sat, act, and toefl exams are, continue reading because we are about to tell you everything.

Keep in mind that not all universities have the same requirements. However, most require one of these tests.


First, we find the SAT exam, an exam required by certain universities to be able to apply to.

SAT is a fully multiple choice-based assessment format. The purpose of this test is to measure the academic level of a student, and to obtain information about the student’s abilities. This exam maintains a national level that allows colleges to compare scores among applicants.

Considering that this exam is required to apply to certain colleges, it is important to note that the best time to take the exam is in your junior year of high school, or the beginning of your senior year. The reason is that, in the event of not being satisfied with the score obtained, it can be taken again and in this way offer a better score to the universities.

The SAT is made up of two main sections; Evidence-based Mathematics and Reading Comprehension. Additionally, it offers an Essay writing option. The SAT exam has a duration of 3 hours to 3 hours and 50 minutes if the essay is included. This process has an evaluation of 200 to 800 points and the total score obtained is the sum of all the sections. Total highest points you can get is 1600 and the average is 1060. Finally, the cost of the exam is $ 40 without the essay section, or $ 60 with the essay section.

To register for the SAT, click HERE.


Second, we can find the test called ACT.

This exam is also required by certain universities when applying, since it evaluates the academic level of a student at the national level. Like the SAT, the ACT uses a multiple choice-based assessment method.

The best time to take the test is in your junior year of high school, or the beginning of your senior year. As with the SAT, the reason for taking it at this moment is because the student has time to retake it and improve the score if necessary.

Unlike the SAT, the ACT test is divided into 4 main sections; English, Reading Comprehension, Math, and Science. Also offering an optional section that is, Essay Writing. Taking the ACT exam takes 2 hours and 55 minutes or 3 hours and 35 minutes if the Essay option is chosen.

The ACT is based on a scale of 1 to 36 points. This score is obtained by the sum of points obtained in each of the sections. Amount of best points that can be obtained on this exam is 36 points, and the average is 21 points. Finally, the price of the exam varies between $ 50 and $ 67. The most economical option is for the standard exam, and the most expensive option is for the exam with the option to include the essay section. To start your ACT registration, click HERE.

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Lastly, there is the test called TOEFL.

In this case, the TOEFL is a test that only assesses the quality of a person’s English language. It evaluates the skills and abilities of a student when communicating, understanding, and writing in English. Like the ACT and the SAT, the TOEFL is given depending on whether the university you are applying to requires it. In this way, institutions can see what academic quality a student has and if their level is sufficient to be accepted.

The structure of this exam is divided into 4 main sections; Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. In total, the exam takes 3 hours and is performed on a computer that is insured by specific testing centers. Each section of the exam is evaluated on 30 points and the total of the exam on 120. Regarding the scores, the perfect score is obtaining 120 points while the average is 84 points.

Finally, the cost of the exam is between $ 180 – $ 185 dollars. To register and start the process, click HERE.

In conclusion, remember that each university and / or institution has its specific requirements and it is important to read in detail what they are to avoid complications in the future.

We hope that the information about these exams has been useful to you to better understand how they work. Similarly, in our immigration office we can advise you and help you with all the information you need. Our law office is dedicated exclusively to United States Immigration, so remember that we can advise you to fulfill your dreams!

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